Celebrate Your Love For Animals With Design Toscano's Garden Sculptures!

From meerkats to eagles to bulldogs, Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of wildlife statues and other decorative art for your garden!

Celebrate your love for all things furry with Design Toscano's animal collection, featuring an impressive selection of outdoor animal statues and animal garden sculptures!

Toscano's animal yard statues collection include a variety of creatures from the animal kingdom. Our most popular pieces in our personal animal kingdom collection include the wild beasts- lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, elephants and more! 

Gerard the Giraffe Sculpture is one of our most popular and beloved wild animal garden statues in the collection.  At a full yard tall, our statuesque garden giraffe cranes his slender neck to grab a leaf from your favorite tree! Replete with lifelike detail from gentle eyes to pert ears, our realistically hand-painted, quality designer resin work of decorative art transports garden guests to an instant safari. Our elegant Toscano exclusive will lend an exotic flair as a decor centerpiece or as the focal point of a blooming garden.

The King of Beasts Lion Sculpture is another one of Toscano's resign garden statues that is a best-seller. Our regal lion with wind-blown mane will proclaim that your home is truly your castle! The artist has sculpted the animal king at over two feet high from his serene gaze to oversized paws, then cast him in quality designer resin and hand-painted him with realism. 

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