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Humdinger the Bell Ringer Gothic Dragon 2011 Holiday OrnamentIt may be time for you to start treating yourself and adding the perfect touch to your interior design.  Whether your design theme is Egyptian home decor or medieval home decor, we have a slew of new arrivals that will delight your every fancy.  As well, these pieces are unique enough that if you want you can mix and match themes to create the perfect room.  Even better, if you are the type that likes to stock up on holiday items or decor for next year, our new arrivals will give you some great ideas for that as well. Here are some of our most popular new arrivals.

The gothic design is one that everybody loves, and it seems to be able to fit into every room well.  If you want to get a jump start on next year’s decorations, you will love our Humdinger Bell Ringer Gothic Dragon ornament.  This limited edition 2011 piece won’t be available next year, so now is the best time to purchase a piece to commemorate 2011.

Our new arrivals in Egyptian decorations are already popular as well.  If you love the elegance of the era, a stunning piece such as this Royal Embrace between a Pharaoh and a Queen will add a romantic touch to any room it is placed in.

If you are looking for something a little different, you are sure to find it in our new arrivals section!  No matter what your theme or tastes, there is definitely something here for everyone.

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