Cheerful Ornamentals

Seven Musical Cherubs of FlorenceSpring, summer and fall in the outdoor garden are usually a joyful time.  Toscano has many ornaments that bring out the joy and the beauty of these three seasons and even winter in some climates.  The garden cherub statues delight all that see them.  They're scampering in water fountains, having peaceful sleeping moments, praying or just discovering the fun things around them.  An interesting outdoor wall sculpture is the Seven Musical Cherubs of Florence beautifully chiseled with great detail singing away.

Meerkat sculptures are always cheerful as Meerkats always seem to be getting into something and our expert artists do a wonderful job of capturing all their antics.  We have Meerkats going underground, playing with their families, and just looking up and around to catch Meerkat Menagerie the action in the yard.  A nice welcome sculpture is the Meerkat Menagerie capturing the Meerkats in a "hear no evil, see no evil" scenario on a large welcome log.

Our wonderful and always growing Basil Street Gallery has many, many cheerful ornaments both indoor and some that can be used outside as well.  In the animal gallery there is a colorful and rather stunning Peacock's Garden Stained Glass Window spreading cheer and color both indoors and out.

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