Cherubs and Other Beautiful Sculpture

Testing the Waters Cherub SculptureAll of these items are part of our wonderful sale.

Angels and fairies are always part of any beautiful garden and of course we have many wonderful garden cherub statues.  Testing the Waters Cherub Sculpture is a finely detailed sculpture of an adorable cherub with small wings in an exquisite sea shell.  This little cherub is wondering if he should just put his toe in the water but isn’t quite sure.  He’s adorable.

Many of our garden statues are careful sculptures of people that are look almost alive and have great character to their faces like some of our Japanese garden statues.  One statue that is done with a great deal of character is the Nature’s Wanderer Sculpture  who looks almost like a wizard with a smile on his face and his toes curled up.  He is wearing a green cloak that has a peak at the top and looks to be a wise old man of nature.  He would help your garden grow.

We have tables of many shapes and sizes in our Egyptian tables collection and now many of them are on sale.  One table that is an excellent size is our Luxor Sculptural Glass Topped Table which is a great coffee table.  The base of this table is the sarcophagus of King Tut, hand painted and very detailed.  This way you will have a mummy in your living room.

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