Cherubs For Your Friends, Family, and For Yourself!

In Christian art they are often represented with the faces of a lion, ox, eagle, and man peering out from the center of an array of four wings (Ezekiel 1:5-11, 10:12,21 Revelation 4:8); (seraphim have six); the most frequently encountered descriptor applied to cherubim in Christianity is many-eyed, and in depictions the wings are often shown covered with a multitude of eyes (showing them to be all seeing beings).
Cradled in Hope Cherub Statue
But today, Design Toscano's exclusive garden cherub statues are innocent, winged children, like the depiction in our Cradled in Hope Cherub Statue.
Surrounded by exquisitely sculpted feathers, our Toscano-exclusive baby angel just might turn out to be our most adorable putti sculpture ever! Tucked into a flowerbed or a favorite bookshelf, our quality designer resin cherub boasts a faux stone finish to capture each detail. This cherub also makes darling gift for a new angel in the family!
Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Sculpture
Another cherub garden statuary piece of Toscano's is the Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Sculpture, just in time for the coming warm months!
Add a dreamy quality to boudoir or bath with our sweet-faced cherub whiling away the peaceful hours. Cast in quality designer resin, this foot-and-a-half-long work of art is fraught with detail from the birds perched on its font to the cherub s dimpled toes.

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