Classic Animal Garden Statues

Majestic Horse SculptureSculptures of animals have been used in gardens for centuries. The more realistic and detailed the statue, the better it captures the natural artistic beauty of its wild subject. Horses have long been one of the more popular subjects for animal statues. Anyone who has watched a horse race or seen the power and grace of a wild Mustang can easily understand why artists might have a tough time not making equine sculptures.

Our Majestic Horse Sculpture couldn't be more appropriately named. This resin statue with a beautiful bronze patina is an heirloom piece destined to be marveled over by generations to come. Its flowing mane and tail, and detailed muscled appearance make this stunning grand scale sculpture the closest thing to having a real, live horse prancing around the garden.

The smaller yet more dramatic Majestic Mustang Horse Sculpture displays the power and fierce beauty of a wild, free-roaming Mustang. He rears up on his hind legs in defiance of ever being captured and tamed.

Dogs have also been a common subject for animal garden sculptures. Faithful, loving, and loyal to the end, dogs can demonstrate a range of admirable characteristics. The heartwarming Man's Best Friend animal yard statue demonstrates the things we love about canines by eagerly awaiting the arrival of its master with a basket of flowers and eager, loving eyes.

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