Combine Cute and Classic with Garden Cherub Statues

The stone garden angel adds a much needed touch to most gardens. Although they are supposed to live A Cherub's Prayer Statuein Heaven, angels seem to be as at home in backyards decorated with garden statuary. The classic angel is easily recognized by the combination of flowing gown and large, feathered wings. However, as beautiful and peaceful as such statuary is, few people would refer to angels as being "cute". That's alright because cuteness is more the realm of garden fairies, gnomes, and statues of children. Nevertheless, at least one type of angel is arguably cute and works well at blending cuteness with class.

The cherub is the original cute, innocent angel and can impart a unique, pleasant appeal to the garden. The Balancing a Dream Sculpture is downright adorable and fit for both garden and the home interior. Curled up in peaceful slumber, the classic, artistic beauty of this cute little cherub will earn the admiration of just about anyone who sees it.

The cute and detailed A Cherub's Prayer Sculpture will act as an inspiration and melt the hearts of the most Grinch-like of your holiday guests. Kneeling on a book with readable text, this cutest of angels clasps hands in prayer and impresses with the beautiful face of a babe.

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