Consider Design Toscano's Exclusive Full Suit of Armor For Your Castle!

For the elite, full-body plate armor was custom-made for the individual. Consider Design Toscano's Full Suit of Armor to be your exclusive, custom-made full-body armor, to display in your castle of Medieval home decor. 

It is likely that a full suit of medieval plate must have weighed a little more than 60 pounds, or 27 kilograms,  on average. However, Toscano's exclusive Full Suit of Armor weighs 75 pounds! 
Our Full Plate War Harness by Italian Master Metalsmith Giuseppe Acacia is handcrafted in Gubbio, Italy.  Though this suit of armor was designed to protect, it will also astound your guests! Our full-size, highest quality replica, with jaunty red plume, is crafted in Italy using, the same medieval smithing methods that were used in the 15th century to create the originals. Each part is hand hammered on wooden stumps and hand finished on a steel anvil. Like the original, the pieces are then joined with steel rivets and leather straps that allow you to change the position of the arms and legs or to raise the double-visor of the helmet. Mounted on its hardwood base and includes a sword bracket to showcase your own weapon. This exclusive stands over 6½ feet tall!

Shop Design Toscano's website online for more Knight Statues, Medieval home decor, or Gothic Décor!

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