Create a Board on Pinterest with Scary Garden Statuary to Win a $200 Gift Certificate!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. It's the one holiday season that encourages literally frighteningly good decor, gives everyone a chance to dress up as they favorite villain, and provides the perfect excuse for Design Toscano Pinterest Halloween Contestmunching on candy.  This year, we are starting the celebration a month in advance with a contest that rewards one lucky contestant with a $200 gift certificate!

Pinterest is a social media site that acts as a virtual pin-board. It's a great place to showcase images of art, food, travel galleries, and decorations. Participation in this contest is free and requires nothing more than a creative touch and a bit of time spent on the computer. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Follow us on Pinterest: Do this by heading to and following us on our Pinterest board.
  2. Create your own spooky board: Make your own scary Pinterest board showing four Design Toscano items for each of the following three categories- indoor decor, outdoor decor, and costume ideas.
  3. Name your newly created Pinterest board "Design Toscano Pin-spiration".
  4. Copy the URL from your board and put it into the comments section of our Pin-spiration Contest Board.

Only one Pinterest board will be chosen as the winner so remember to be creative when posting your board! Contest ends on September 28th.

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