Create a Perimeter of Protection With Garden Gargoyles

The Cathedral Gargoyle StatueYou don’t need to know the inherent symbolism behind the gargoyle to know that they mean business when it comes to protection.  You just need to look at one.  If you want a truly unique outdoor security system, gargoyle garden statues will be all the rage for any evil spirits or pests that try to work their way into your space.

Our Cathedral Gargoyle Statue is a garden gargoyle statue that is foreboding enough to look at and will ward off any evil doers near your home, without breaking the bank.  This guy is ready to strike, and will certainly ensure that nobody enters that doesn’t belong.

But if you don’t want to go as menacing as the cathedral style, you can choose gargoyle figurines and place them strategically throughout your space to create the perimeter of protection that you seek.  Another option is something as simple as our gargoyle bench which will serve both as a decorative and practical piece in your garden.

When it comes to creating a truly secure outdoor space, gargoyles are a wonderful way to do so.  Not only are they unique and foreboding in their protective nature, but they are also much more affordable than most garden statues at your local garden center.  Choosing gargoyles for your outdoors is a great way to create both protection and beauty at the same time.

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