Create an African Savannah with Animal Garden Statues

Gigi the Garden Giraffe StatueThe second largest continent on the planet is renowned for its many cultures and majestic wildlife. The grassy plains and wide open savannahs of eastern and southern Africa in particular host some of the most incredible wildlife displays on Earth, including vast herds of Zebra and Wildebeest, huge Nile Crocodiles lurking in the rivers that cross the plains, trumpeting herds of African Elephants, and powerful prides of Lions on the prowl. Taking a safari to national parks and protected areas of Africa is the best way to experience such incredible savage beauty. However, even if Africa does happen to be on the other side of the globe, you can pay homage to the wildlife of the savannah with the right selection of resin garden statues.

Start your display of African animals with Gigi the Garden Giraffe. Those funny, long-necked mammals rarely sit down but Gigi shows how they do it with realistic details. As with all of our realistic animal garden sculptures, this Giraffe statue is carefully painted by hand to demonstrate the same distinctive pattern as the Giraffes than stroll the African savannahs.

No African scene would be complete without Zebras, Lions, and Elephants. Cute little Zairen the Zebra makes a striking black and white patterned statement, the incredibly life-like Lioness with Cub statue shows a mother Lion carrying her young cub, and the Good Luck, Trunk Up Baby Elephant Statue is a very realistic depiction of a young Pachyderm.

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