Create an Angelic Outdoor Space This Holiday Season

Life's Mysteries Cherub StatueNo matter what religion you practise, or even if you don’t practise any at all, there is nothing more majestic in the holiday season than the presence of an angel.  Sometimes just having one around is all that you need to instill a sense of harmony and peace in your environment.  If you are looking to do just that, and trying to find the perfect way to do so, a stone garden angel may be all you need to transform your outdoor space into one that is purely angelic.  Here are some inspiring ideas for you.

For less than $50, our sweet angel whispering Life’s Mysteries is a gorgeous sentiment that will create an angelic presence in your outdoor holiday decor.  Garden cherub statues such as this can not help but inspire a smile, and are easy on the wallet as well!

If you are looking for a more prayerful presence, our Angel’s Message statue brings good tidings of great joy in your holiday decoration theme.  Sweet and angelic this garden angel statue is one that brings all of the messages of the holiday season without saying a word.
It’s not too late to receive orders in time for the holidays, and with our 20% off sale, there is no more angelic time to buy a piece that brings you and your holiday decor peace this season.

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