Creating Serenity in Your Garden With Accent Pieces

Many people that embark on a landscape design adventure do so with the intention of creating an outdoor space that is something they can escape to, or entertain in with tranquility.  If this is your vision for your outdoor living space, there are a number of ways to do so with the addition of a simple accent piece.  Whether your outdoor theme is Egyptian, Greek, or a simple garden plan, an accent piece can transform any outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.  Here is how to create the serenity in the garden of your dreams.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - GiantThere is nothing more serene than the beauty of a Greek goddess, and this is making Greek garden statues very popular right now. Tuck away the birth of Venus in one of your landscape corners and enjoy her calming effects as she watches over your gardens.

Animals are revered in many cultures and design motifs and are a stunning way to create a retreat in your backyard.  The tranquil tortoise statue is a symbol of good fortune that reportedly will bring you and your outdoor space years of happiness. Elephant pieces in your outdoor space are also symbolic for imparting wisdom and serenity and have been used to create this ambience in centuries old cultures.

Whether you choose to create serenity subtly through one of these accent pieces, or in a broader statement through religious outdoor statues will depend entirely on your garden theme and personality. 

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