Cute Farm Animal Resin Garden Statues

Farm animals are cute. Although farmers who work with pigs, cows, and chickens may beg to differ, even Daisy and Country Boy Cow Statuesthey would probably admit that piglets, calves, and downy feathered chicks can be downright adorable. While real, live farm animals can be cute as a button, sculptures of those animals are even cuter and can add a tender touch to any backyard.

Scaled down to a much smaller size than actual Holsteins, our Daisy and Country Boy statues are beautifully detailed sculptures that capture the tranquil appearance of dairy cows. Daisy has a content look on her face as she lies down to rest near your flower patch. You can just about see her tail lazily switch back and forth as doe-eyed Country Boy stands nearby.

Adorable pig garden statues come in the form of Sandman and Porker. These lovely little pigs are so cute that you might be tempted to pick them up and cuddle them. Sandman lives up to his name by sleeping away the day in his own, private hog heaven. With bright, curious eyes, and perky ears, Porker is ready to play with the other farm animals.

No farm is complete without a few chickens running around and our Henrietta the Hen and Cock-a-Doodle-Do Rooster statues fit the bill with beautifully detailed plumage.

Find these and other beautiful animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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