Cute Frog Statues and Caesar’s Lions

Crouching Frog Bronze Garden StatueOur amphibian statues are some of the most remarkable of the many nature statues that we have such as our tortoise statue.  In our bronze statue section you will find some other wonderful amphibians also, such as the Crouching Frog Bronze Garden Statue: Small.  What a distinctive face this guy has, the artist caught him just right hanging on a lily pad looking for flies.  He’s 8” long and is cast in solid bronze, also piped to be a fountain.

In the area of Egyptian décor, Design Toscano is second to none from furniture and statues to wall art.  A lovely wall piece is the Icons of the Egyptian Realm Wall Sculpture; this is a bas relief of the Isis and the sphinx and finished in a metallic cast.  Over a foot wide, the black and metallic shades are a classic on any wall.

Now that you are eyeing your interior décor with a look to possibly making some additions or a total change, you should browse our Egyptian tables, chairs and other furniture which are always unique.  A great chair is Caesar’s Royal Lions Hand-carved Throne Chair now on sale.  Hand carved in hardwood, this chair is hand painted in faux gold and ebony with exquisite carvings of Egyptian and Roman symbols on the back and sides with gold claw feet.  Not everyone will have one of these.

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