Cute Garden Statuary Gift Items

Madame & Monsieur Escargot, Enormous Garden Snail Statue SetThe holidays are coming and it's time to start looking for gifts. Instead of buying yet another a gift certificate for a popular restaurant or opting for some holiday sweater, why not give statues for the garden? Although you could opt for surprising your brother or uncle with a life-sized, realistic gorilla statue, there are plenty of smaller sculptures that will be appreciated by just about everyone with a backyard. One of the cutest of such statues are the Madame and Monsieur Escargot Garden Snails. These big, colorful, snails will be a hit at backyard parties and put a smile on the face of every party guest.

Another cute bunch of garden creatures that make for an excellent gift are statues of frogs. The Froggy Business Garden Statue shows a family of these friendly amphibians as they sit on top of a stick and each other.

Puppies are also at the head of the class when it comes to cute and the incredible cuteness of the Playful Puppy Dogs Statue is impossible to ignore. This depiction of two terrier puppies playing in and on top of a section of barrel captures the adorable nature of these young dogs with beautiful details.

Find the cutest animal garden statues, garden fairies, and other backyard sculptures at Design Toscano. All statues for the garden are 20% until Sunday, November 11th!

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