Cute Puppy Animal Garden Statues

Whether you have a dog in your family or not, it's hard not to be charmed by our cute statues of puppies. Brown Dachshund Puppy Dog StatueMade with quality resin and hand painted by careful, artistic hands, these sculptures are as lifelike as they are adorable. Get one or two for the dog owners in your life and a couple for yourself to add a cute canine touch to the home or office.

The Brown Dachshund Puppy Dog Statue will melt the heart of the toughest Grinch. Looking up at you with big, dark, moist eyes, and a smile on its face, this dog statue has the same expression as real live Dachshunds do when they look at their owners with adoring, innocent eyes.

The West Highland Terrier Puppy Dog statue is another beautiful sculpture that pays homage to the incredible cuteness of this breed. This statue in particular is so lifelike that you can almost hear it pant and might be tempted to pet it!

Yet another of our incredibly cute and lifelike puppy dog sculptures is the Border Collie Dog Statue. From the large face and huge eyes to its oversized paws, this just might be one of the most heart-melting statues on out site.

Find the cutest in animal garden sculptures and an animal yard statue for every interest at Design Toscano.

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