Decorate Greenmen Decor for the Holidays

Each holiday has its own set of decorations but the winter holiday season is in a category of its own. The exterior of homes and businesses are decorated with wreaths, snowmen, and a dazzling array of colored Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpturelight displays. The interior of the home sees garland on banisters, mistletoe above doorways, colored electric candles in the windows, and a decked out evergreen tree on display in the living room.

Some people go all out and others decorate very little for the winter holidays but it's the extra little touches that people will remember the most. This holiday season, one of the ways of making your party the most memorable one on the block is by decorating greenman sculptures. Convert woody, sinister faces like the Poison Oak Tree Sculpture and the Spirit of Nottingham Woods into much more benign characters by decorating them with elf hats, garland, and blinking lights.

Elf hats also work wonders for greenman statues meant for the walls of both garden and the interior of your home. Put them on the Somerset Greenman Statues to give them a jolly touch but don't expect anyone to go so far as giving them a kiss if you happen to crown these wall sculptures with a sprig of mistletoe!

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