Decorate the House with a Weathervane for Summer

Galloping Horse Full-Size Copper WeathervaneMay is here and now that the warm weather is also here to stay, it's time to decorate the backyard with your favorite resin garden statues. While taking those beautiful stone garden angels and other statues out of storage, think about how you would like to decorate the walls or even the roof of your home. The warm, pleasant weather makes it possible to put fantastic greenmen sculptures on display and put decor up on the roof. Although very few items are fitting as roof decor, there is one that makes a distinctive, elegant touch to any home or business. This functional, well known item is the weathervane and it adds a big dose of personality to any structure.

The Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane can be placed up on the roof or set up in the garden. Either way, this distinctive rust-resistant aluminum sculpture seems to race with the wind as breezes blow through your neighborhood. Crown your home with this fun weathervane to give your place a classic, mystical touch.

If topping the house with a witch on a broom doesn't seem to work, try a beautiful Galloping Horse Full-Size Weathervane or a Full-Size Soaring Eagle Weathervane. Both of these functional decor items are beautiful, copper weathervanes that add a dramatic touch to any home or business.

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