Decorate Your Garden With Realistic Forest Animals!

Delight visitors to your garden, pool, or patio with our outdoor animal statues. Whether your style leans toward wild meerkats, horse statues, or the legendary Bigfoot, the lifelike appearance and fine detail of these garden sculptures are found only at Design Toscano! Search our vast kingdom for the animal statue you seek!

Our forest animals are particularly realistic-looking, and will cause your neighbors and passer-by to do a double take once they see them!

Yonva, the Climbing Bear Sculpture is named for the first bears of Cherokee legend. Was that a real bear you just saw scampering up that tree?! It’s actually our Toscano-exclusive cub, over a foot tall and so realistically hand-painted that your guests will think the forest is springing to life. Cast in quality designer resin, “Yonva” will happily climb a garden fence or an indoor den wall or a garden fence to add the charm of the wild to any setting!

Simon the Fox Garden Statue is another realistic animal yard statue in Toscano's possession! Simon's so sly that he's managed to escape the traditional British fox hunt to vie for a place in your home or garden! At a foot-and-a-half tall, our Toscano-exclusive statue is cast in quality designer resin and authentically hand-painted with characteristic markings including lush red fur and a bushy, white-tipped tail.

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