Decorate Your Home With Pieces Reminiscent of Ancient Egpyt

This successful ancient civilization of eastern North Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River, left a lasting legacy. To honor this legacy, indulge in our extensive collection of home decor from our Egyptian theme!

Celebrate the ancient civilzation of Egpyt with our timeless pieces for your home! Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of Egyptian home decor, which includes Egyptian art, Egyptian decorations, statues and more. 
Egyptian Temple of Khafre Ornamental Side Table
The Egyptian Temple of Khafre Ornamental Side Table is one of our New Egyptian pieces. Named for the esteemed builder of giant pyramids - and arguably even the legendary Great Sphinx - this versatile, bas-relief work of furniture art adds a dramatic and exotic accent to any Egyptian decor. Anubis, temple priests, and hieroglyphs all embellish this quality designer resin occasional table hand-painted in faux gold and silver, making this a true statement piece recalling ancient dynasties!
Protect your estate with the power of the ancients, from this Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment.
Exploding with a golden luster, this temple pediment stretching over a yard-long is a Ur-Uatchti, a winged sun disk flanked by the goddess Nekhebet on the right Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment and Buto on the left. It was once mandated that this symbol should adorn every temple as a protection against evil. Our exclusive replica is created of designer resin and hand-painted in the rich colors of Egypt.

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