Decorating Tips When Incorporating Egyptian Elements

Royal Cartouche Sculptural FriezeIf you are thinking of incorporating some Egyptian elements into your home, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of turning your home into a temple.  Who can resist the gold and splendor of this era?  It’s an easy mistake to make, particularly when faced with such an affordable collection.  Before you turn your home into a shrine for Pharaohs, here are some tips on decorating the Egyptian way in the 21st century.

The easiest way to start with your Egyptian motif is to begin with your accent pieces.  You might be surprised at how easy it is to create an Egyptian design through the simple addition of some Egyptian art such as a wall sculpture or some cleverly placed Egyptian decorations.  It’s easy to fill a room quickly with these masterpieces, but you want to avoid this very thing.  Too many faces or eyes looking down from the wall can make a guest feel slightly claustrophobic.  Simplify with accent pieces against neutral colors to avoid this intense effect.

Another way to incorporate Egyptian into your style without going overboard is to take advantage of the symbolism of the era. You can add a pop of Egyptian symbols in a table runner or with very subtle accents displaying the significance of the symbols from this bygone time.  A touch of regality with some knight statues is a gothic twist on the Egyptian royalty, and will add a quirky element to your design theme.

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