Display Artistic Decor and History with Egyptian Tables

Ancient Egypt was one of the first civilizations on Earth. The splendor and majesty of ancient Great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza Sculptural Glass-Topped TableEgyptian empires is found in the Bible, tomes of the ancient Greeks, and writings of the Romans. Although the royal lines of the Pharaohs died out centuries ago, they made sure that they would live on in the form of massive monuments. The pyramids at Giza, hundreds of lesser known burial mounds, and countless works of Egyptian art are visited and viewed by thousands of tourists every month of the year. Although most of the sarcophagi, paintings, and other antiquities have found a home in museums, you can still showcase beautiful depictions of the ancient Egyptian legacy in your home.

Egyptian wall art makes a stunning addition to every home but there are also other, more functional ways to display the splendor of ancient Egypt. One such way is with tables that blend the culture and art from the era of the Pharaohs with a means of supporting a lamp or serving food and drink.

Serve your favorite Egyptian-themed snacks on top of a pyramid with the Great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza glass-topped table or serve mint tea on the Barge to the Beyond glass-topped table.

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