Dragons, Gargoyles and a Muse

Trystan, Gargoyle Sentry of the Night SculptureIn medieval times the people were very superstitious and had a great fear of demons and other creatures that could work dark magic.  For this reason, they surrounded their castles with gargoyles, truly ugly creatures, that they hoped would scare away the dark creatures.  Our gargoyle figurines are often so ugly that they are intriguing and make great decoration in addition to scaring away the creatures of the night.  One piece is Trystan, Gargoyle Sentry of the Night Sculpture which depicts a hand painted gargoyle with huge wings and a very scary face.  Your protector is sitting on a stone pillar and will scare most everything away.

Muse with Harp SculptureOur large collection of Gothic tables also includes many other medieval pieces that will complete a study or home office.  One very useful sculpture is the Dragon Strike Illuminated Sculpture, which is a wonderful medieval style desk lamp.  The dragon’s long body sculpted in great detail makes up the base of the lamp and his translucent wings create the lamp shade.  His wonderful face and sharp teeth create the top of the lamp.

There is space in every garden for our classical Greek garden statues.  These pieces of art depicting the warriors, gods and goddesses, and even Greek philosophers are created by our artists as excellent replicas of the originals and certainly add a touch of class anywhere.  The muses were the mystical musical creatures of Greek mythology and our Muse with Harp Sculpture is a depiction of a one of the beautiful muses playing her hand harp.  The statue is 47” tall with a faux stone finish and done in such fine detail you can almost hear her playing.

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