3 Tips on Using Garden Statuary to Turn Your Backyard into a Victorian Garden

Hebe, the Goddess of Youth SculptureMarble sculptures may have been a feature of Roman villas but the height of decorating the garden with statues was reached during the Victorian era. As the United Kingdom became the wealthiest country on Earth, well to do British families filled extensive gardens with exquisite sculptures. Stone garden angels, impressive statues of lions, and hundreds of other beautiful sculptures were displayed on the grounds of manicured estates. While filling the garden with statues during Victorian days was limited to the wealthy, at present times, garden sculptures are so affordable that just about anyone can turn their backyard into an elegant Victorian garden. Follow these three tips for a backyard that rivals the  majesty of any Victorian era garden:

  • Put several classic garden statues on display: Classic sculptures of deities and creatures from Greek myths were a common feature of Victorian gardens. Display beautiful statues such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth and an authentic replica of the Venus de Milo to give your garden an elegant touch.
  • Include a stone garden angel or two: Get an angel statue like the Glory del Cielo sculpture to add classic, angelic beauty to the backyard.
  • Buy one or more stone lion sculptures: Lions were displayed in Victorian gardens because they are a sign of nobility, power, and majesty. Give your backyard a noble look with the Lion Of Florence Sentinel Statue.

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