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Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural TableThe time is here for our Design Toscano Three Day Egyptian Sale.  This sale is 20% off the Egyptian collection from June 16th through June 18th.  Here are some of the items you might want to put on your shopping list.  In our Egyptian tables section, we have the Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.  This large piece has a glass top that is almost a yard wide.  This great table is based with a pictorially sculpted Egyptian  barge done in beautiful detail  with hand painting . It is a 33 pound replica of the one found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Our sculpture pieces are known for great engraving even on simple animals like our tortoise sculpture.  In the Egyptian collection, our artists have gone all out to present the beauty and wonder of that ancient time.  A greatly detailed piece is the Golden Obelisk of Ancient Egypt Statue which is over two feet tall and inscribed with the names of the kings that commissioned it.  This is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop a Egyptian PlinthWe like to do things big and of course we have done that with many of our large unusual statues like the big foot garden statue.  In Egypt everything was done in a large way from the pyramids of Giza to the giant sphinx.  You can have this giant sphinx in your yard with our Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop an Egyptian Plinth.  This piece is more than seven feet long and detailed with hieroglyphs and a wonderful sphinx. 

The 3 Day Egyptian Sale starts on Thursday, June 16th, so make a point to come in and see all the wonders of Egypt.

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