Egyptian Accent Pieces to Add To Your Theme

Ark of the Covenant StatueIf you love the look of the Egyptian era, you have likely been drooling over our huge selection of Egyptian home decor.  With each piece more beautiful and stunning than the last, it can be very difficult to decide which one to go with.  When it comes to decorating Egyptian style, the one thing you want to keep in mind is a little goes a long way.  Some accent pieces to add to your interior theme may be all you need to create this look.  Here are some suggestions!

Egyptian decorations are one way to create the theme without redoing an entire room.  There are few symbols more Egyptian than that of the Arc of the Covenant.  Why not add the decoration such as our own replica of the Ark of the Covenant Statue to add a very exquisite conversation piece to any room you put it in.

Egyptian art is a very similar way of making the same statement without saying too much.  This stunning Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment has received rave reviews and has also just been reduced!

If you haven’t yet started the Egyptian theme in your room of choice, accent pieces are the best place to start.  Add a simple accessory here or there, and take the rest of your theme from there.  Remember, a little bit at a time goes a very long way when you are recreating the elegance of Egypt in your home.

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