Egyptian Accessories Add A Royal Touch

If you like the look of Egyptian home decor, but aren’t sure if someone on your gift list will love it as well, you may want to consider the touch of Egyptian accessories.  These accessories make the same royal statement as any other focal piece of Egyptian art, but do so in a more subtle and majestic way.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Egyptian Pharaoh Altar Candle Holder StatutesCandle holders make for great gifts during the holidays, and there are few people that don’t love to get them.  Why not get some Egyptian decorations in the form of candle holders this year, as you will not be able to find something as unique and royal such as this anywhere else in the same price range.  Here we have our Egyptian Pharaoh Altar Candle Holder Statues for less than $40.  These come with tealights included and provide a symbolic offering in such a simple gift.

Of course there is nothing more Egyptian than Cleopatra herself, and if you have a Cleopatra lover on your list, this figurine will delight.  Our Cleopatra Queen Statue is just the perfect accent piece for any home decor.

These are just a few ideas from our huge selection of Egyptian accessories.  No matter who is on your list, you are sure to find the perfect royal touch without the royal budget.

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