Egyptian Art for the Walls of Your Palace

Tutankhamen Cartouche Sculptural Wall FriezeThere's no place like home. Whether living in a small studio apartment, a four bedroom house, or walking the halls of a veritable mansion, the home is the place we fill with our happiness, difficult times, friends, and memories. No matter how big or small, it acts as our own, personal palace so it only makes sense to adorn the walls with royal decor.

While one person's decorations of distinction might never make it past someone else's front door, there's no denying the royal character of Egyptian decorations. The pharaohs and nobility of ancient Egypt filled their homes with works of art that glittered with gold leaf and shone with the striking colors of lapis lazuli and carnelian. Although the noble families of ancient Egypt died out over 2,000 years ago, the stunning artwork from their era lives on in the form of stunning Egyptian tables and wall decor such as the Tutankhamen Cartouche Sculptural Wall Frieze. Fit for a king, this historic replica of a cartouche of King Tut will be one of the most exciting, textured works of art to grace the walls of your home.

Match it with another, even more decorative Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze that shows a scene from King Tut's royal throne room.

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