Egyptian Décor

Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall ClockOur Egyptian home décor collection is second to none and filled with many items that you will find only at Design Toscano.  If you are looking for a clock to complement your décor you should consider the Medinet Habu Sculptural Egyptian Wall Clock.  This exclusive piece is sculpted out of designer resin with the face of the King Tut sarcophagus at the top.  The clock itself has Egyptian numerals and is quartz run; the whole piece is hand painted in ancient Egyptian colors.

Customers love to browse our Basil Street Gallery because they know that here they will find museum quality sculptures, painting reproductions and even pieces of furniture.  In keeping with an Egyptian theme, the Gallery features the Queen Cleopatra on the Throne of Egypt Statue.  Petite and incredibly detailed this statue is 9” tall and depicts Cleopatra holding an ankh, seated on her throne which is raised on a platform of hieroglyphs.  She would look extraordinary in any part of your home.

To complete a home with a theme of Ancient Egypt, you need to look at our wonderful collection of Egyptian tables which are almost all exclusives and unique.  In this collection we also have an item that you will want to use when you serve fine wine, this is the Guardian Asat; Egyptian Wine Holder Statue.   The sculpture of the Egyptian god of wine, Asat, stands over 4 ft. tall and, of course is hand painted in ebony and Egyptian colors.  He will cause comment in your bar.

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