Egyptian Decor Celebrates the Holiday in Style

Grand Stone Egyptian Sphinx StatueThere are many people who like to embody the era of a religious holiday, even if they are not religious.  If you would like to capture this in your outdoor decor, but do not subscribe to any one faith, one way you can do so is with Egyptian home decor.  This is a way that you can capture the setting of the holiday season, without making an overt religious statement.  The days of Pharaoh are also known as the days of Christ, and adding these elements into your home or exterior decorations will embody this sentiment, without making a religious statement.

Our resin garden statues are now on sale, and are an affordable way to add the touch of Pharaoh into your outdoor holiday decor. The beauty of a piece such as a Grand Stone Phinx is that it makes a very regal and symbolic holiday statement, without the religious connotations.  Another way to accomplish the same task is with some Egyptian wall art that you can use either outdoors or indoors to make the same statement without saying a word.

If you want to truly stand out from your neighbors during the holiday season by adding a hint of Egypt into your home, another option you have is by adding a touch of the wild.  Our gorgeous tiger sculpture will make a stunning statement that embodies a true African motif symbolic to the Egyptian era of Pharaohs. 

Decorating for the holidays is never easy, particularly if you want to stand out. Stand out and stay on budget by enjoying Egyptian pieces that are now on sale, and add that symbolic element to your holiday decor at the same time.

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