Egyptian Decor Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Altar of the Goddess BastetMany people want the royal look that comes with Egyptian home decor, but they also think that it is going to cost them their weight in gold.  The truth is, Egyptian decor is a luxurious way to add a little royal touch to your home in a way that nobody else will, in a budget that is right on track.  Whether you want to add a simple piece or some Egyptian art, Egyptian decor is only as expensive as you want it to be.

The gold that was found in the infamous King Tut’s tomb is one reason why people think Egyptian decor is going to cost a king’s fortune.  If you want to truly spend a king’s fortune, you can certainly go ahead and do so.  However you can create the ambience of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s era with something as simple as Egyptian decorations like our Altar of the Goddess Bastet which will add a mystical Egyptian tone to any room for under $15.

Art from the Egyptian era is another way to incorporate an Egyptian theme without re-creating Tut’s tomb in your living space.  A temple wall sculpture may be all you need to create the focal point you seek for less than $75.

The truth is, unless you are actually buying gold for your Egyptian theme, your budget can be as low as you want it to be while still achieving the same effect.

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