Egyptian Decor Makes for a Unique Holiday Gift

Egyptian Panther Goddess SculptureIt can be so difficult to find that perfect gift for the person on your list that you either don’t really know all that well, or already has everything.  This is just the kind of person who would appreciate some creativity in a unique gift such as Egyptian home decor.   Egyptian decor has a lot to offer anyone, and there are few people who wouldn’t appreciate a little touch of royalty in their home.  Here are a few ideas!

An Egyptian panther goddess sculpture may not have been your first thought for a unique gift, giving you all the more reason to give it.  Give the gift of charm this holiday season, as this enchanting goddess casts her spell on your recipient.  For under $40, you won’t be able to find such a captivating gift that is more affordable.

The Arc of the Covenant has long held mystery and can easily fit into any home decor.  These Egyptian decorations come in a variety of sizes to fit any budget and will make for a lovely conversation piece in the home of whomever you choose to give it to.

As well, Egyptian art makes a statement without saying a word.  This kind of art comes in all shapes and sizes.  Something as simple as our calendar statue makes for the perfect holiday gift, while adding a symbolic element of the sands of time as your recipient rings in the New Year.

When you are looking for the perfect gift, the gift of Egypt will awe anyone who is the lucky recipient.  Take advantage of our 20% off sale and give the gift of savings to yourself as well!

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