Egyptian Decorations to Light Your Home and Business

Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor LampBefore the light bulb was invented, the nights were dark indeed, especially inside the home. Oil lamps, torches, candles, and even gas lamps provided much needed light to some city streets and homes but they could never compare with modern lighting technologies. When used on their own, light bulbs are so bare that they are more like an "anti-decoration". However, hide them with the right type of lamp and light can be shed from beautiful sculptures that bring essence to hallways, rooms, and doorways.

Whether your home or business is decorated with an Egyptian theme or not, Egyptian lamps will provide lighting with exquisite beauty. Blending ancient art and culture with modern day function, lamps like the Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor Lamp act as a veritable work of art. Guests and clients will be talking about this beautiful piece for days after their visit while you use it to light your home or place of business.

While the Nefertiti Sculptural Lamp is too big for tables, you can still combine intricate Egyptian art with function in the form of the Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp. A true work of art inspired by Egyptian revival works from the 1920s, this beautiful detailed lamp will be treasured for generations.

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