Egyptian Gifts Under $50

Thanksgiving Day Sale
Vulture God Nekhebet Egyptian Sculptural VaseWhen it comes to the holiday gift giving season, there are two things high on your mind.  The perfect gift at the right price.  Here we can offer you something a little bit different that you can rest assured will not be duplicated by anybody else.  The gift of Egyptian home decor is a gift that is not only beautiful, but truly unique. Combine these affordable gifts all under $50 with out 20% off sale, and your lucky gift recipient will never know how little you spent in these regal looking pieces.

This Vulture God sculptural vase looks like something taken right out of a museum.  The god depicted in this vase is the mythical creator and god of death, life, and rebirth. Both symbolic and affordable, Egyptian decorations such as this will awe and inspire anybody that is lucky enough to receive it this holiday season.

Egyptian art is another way to accomplish the same goal without going overboard with an Egyptian theme.  One way to manage this is through wall art such as our Pharaoh Aten wall sculpture.  For less than $25, it is a holiday gift that is both symbolic and mesmerizing at the same time.

The original Christmas story hails from the Egyptian era of Pharaoh’s and the Ark of the Covenant.  There is no gift more symbolic during the holiday season than the gift of the Egyptian time.

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