Egyptian Home Decor Gifts for Father's Day

Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural TableFinding gifts for Father's Day can be more of a challenge than doing holiday shopping for an extended family. While you have to find a gift for each sibling and cousin, those presents probably aren't going to be as personal as the ones you give to your father. Each year, you have to think of something new for dad and when you have already given him that powersaw, an exercise machine, and a subscription to a cigar of the month club on past Father's Days, the options become that much more limited.

This year, why not give your father something absolutely unique, unforgettable, and destined to add an artistic touch to his home? Get him one or more of the Egyptian decorations from Design Toscano and he will be duly impressed. As long as your father can appreciate Egyptian-themed art, he will be thrilled with the Egyptian Barge to Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural Table. Inspired by the original Barge to the Beyond that was discovered in an annex to King Tutankhamen's tomb, this sculptural table is as exquisite as it is beautiful. 

Dad might also enjoy other Egyptian tables like the Kneeling Nubian Servant or the Silver and Gold Servant table.

Buy these and other items from now until Friday, June 8th and enjoy the following tiered discount:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+

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