Egyptian Table, Renaissance Chair

Egyptian Pharaoh's Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table StatueThere were many lovely sculptures and treasures in Ancient Egypt and we have many of them in our Egyptian Tables collection.  For a good sized side table, there is the Egyptian Pharaoh’s Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table Statue.  This piece consists of an exquisitely sculpted statue done in fiberglass reinforced resin and hand painted in faux gold, silver and ebony.  He is a servant dressed in an Egyptian headdress and stands 36 ½” tall.  The table top is his tray that he is holding out waiting for libations and snacks to be placed there.

You might think that our greenmen collection is made up of only woodsy outdoor statues, but nothing could be farther from the truth.   This collection contains some wonderful pieces of furniture such as the DeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair.  This chair is hand carved in mahogany wood and is an excellent, exclusive replica of a 16th Century Italian chair not often seen outside museums.

People love to decorate the yards of their beach houses with items from the sea and we have several of these.  All of our animal sculpture is realistically done, like our popular tiger sculpture, and one that is great for the beach house is the Ocean’s Perch Pelican Statue.  This statue is 2 feet tall and depicts two gorgeous pelicans standing on a wooden piling.  Sculpted in resin and hand painted, they come realistically to life and the piling looks like a weathered wooden dock.

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