Elegant Garden Statuary

Goddess Aurora Statue (Estate)Decor for the garden can reflect a certain type of decorating theme, be used to add a dramatic touch to the backyard, or heighten the natural beauty of your personal green space. It can also be used to simply add elegance to the backyard and certain resin garden statues accomplish this with flying colors. The Goddess Aurora Statue is a striking, elegant depiction of the Roman Goddess of dawn. Aurora was believed to fly across the sky every morning to announce the rising of the sun and this replica of a nineteenth century Italian sculpture captures her personality with graceful curves.

Elegance also comes in the form of animal garden statues like the Grande Black Panther Statue. Few animals express power and grace better than felines. Whether resting on their haunches, prowling through the grass, or sauntering through their territory, every one of their movements is akin to those of a trained acrobat. The Grande Black Panther statue is an excellent, accurate representation of the beauty and elegance of a big, wild cat. Put this realistic animal yard statue in the garden and rumors may start to fly about mysterious wild cats in the neighborhood.

For a gentler yet no less elegant form of garden statue, you can't go wrong with garden fairies like the Sunflower Fairy Statue.

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