Elephant Statues in Your Garden Will Bring About Strength and Wisdom

For years the elephant has been known as a sacred animal in the East. As the largest animal to walk the Earth, the elephant is known as a symbol of strength and power. It also represents perseverance, in that it is an extremely hard working animal.  Elephants are also seen as symbols of wisdom and dignity, because of their incredible intelligence and very long life span.

Consider adding this symbol of wisdom and power to your garden statuary collection today! Design Toscano has several Outdoor Elephant Statues to offer, including the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture
Your neighbors will be watching for the rest of the herd once they spy the visible two-and-a-half feet of our authentically sculpted elephant stretching out amidst your flowerbed! True garden art, this pachyderm sculpture is complete with rough hide, faux ivory tusks and a raised trunk. Hand-painted with realism, our Toscano exclusive arrives in three quality designer resin pieces.

The Design Toscano pick of the week also happens to be an elephant outdoor garden sculpture, the Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue.

This adorable baby elephant calf, realized in a subtle yet natural palette of smoky greys, touches the soul with the innocence of its youth. Elephant calves are the "pets" of the herd; they weigh between 200-250 pounds at birth and grow at the astonishing rate of about two pounds each day! At over five feet tall, our baby elephant statue is an amazingly detailed garden centerpiece with painstakingly sculpted authentic elephant hide, faux ivory tusks and a wrinkled trunk lifted in a traditional gesture of good luck. Anyone keen on wildlife will find our baby elephant garden sculpture irresistible! This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

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