Ellen DeGeneres Gives Matt LeBlanc a Design Toscano Bigfoot Statue

On a recent airing of the Ellen DeGeneres show, the talk show host gave a Design Toscano favorite to one Design Toscano Big Foot Matt LeBlanc and Ellen DeGeneresof her guests. Matt LeBlanc was the lucky recipient of "Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Sculpture" and this picture from that fortunate occasion shows how very pleased he is to receive such a unique gift item. Ellen presented the detailed statue of Bigfoot to her friend Matt because he had mentioned that he likes the reality show "Finding Bigfoot". Thanks to Ellen, as the "Friends" star watches "Finding Bigfoot", he can also look at his very own, detailed statue of the legendary creature.

This Design Toscano classic works well both in and outside the home. Whether Matt puts it in his garden or proudly displays it on a pedestal in the den, this sculpture will remind him and his guests of the mysteries awaiting discovery in modern-day America. As is the case of every home that hosts this realistic sculpture of Sasquatch, it will also be a great conversation piece at parties and admired by every guest. Maybe next year, Ellen will give Matt the "Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture"

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