Enchanting, Realistic Garden Fairies

The Sunflower Fairy StatueFairies have entertained the imagination for centuries. The little people go by many names and can be found in cultures throughout the world. According to lore, some are mischievous but most will help you as long as they are treated with respect. They tend to frequent gardens and places of wild, natural beauty and although you aren't going to see an actual fairy, you can at least bring them to life with the right type of garden statuary.

High quality, realistic fairy sculptures like the Fairy of the West Wind help give form to these enchanting creatures with fine, breathtaking details. This beautiful fairy sculpture is so detailed and realistic that you can almost hear the haunting, magical sounds coming from her flute. Seat this fine statue on a shelf or garden wall to add a bit of magic to your place.

The Sunflower Fairy Statue is another, very realistic sculpture that celebrates the enchanting beauty of fairies with incredible details and form. This fairy sculpture expresses her connection with nature by being crowned with flowers, wearing a detailed petal skirt, and holding a sunflower bowl.

Find these and other high quality, breathtaking fairy resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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