Every Garden Needs a Tortoise Sculpture

Gilbert, the Box Turtle StatueThe tortoise is an interesting animal that has intrigued and captivated people around the globe for centuries. Its patterned shell, aged face, and steadfast demeanor have made it a symbol for longevity, wisdom, and patience by a wide variety of cultures. This unique reptile has also been a popular subject for paintings and sculptures for more than two thousand years and its image can be found in statues that graced gardens in ancient Greece and China. This animal continues to be a popular inspiration for sculptures in modern gardens and many statues of the wise and knowledgeable tortoise decorate flowerbeds and backyards from Europe to Argentina.

If your garden still needs a tortoise, try putting Gilbert, the Box Turtle Statue next to some flowers. This statue is so realistic that guests will wonder if you have an actual, slow-going tortoise making itself at home in the garden.

For a larger than life statue of a tortoise, get the Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture. This cheerful reptile is ready to investigate your vegetable patch with outstretched neck, a wise smile on its face, and a happy look in its eyes. It also comes in an even larger size for those who want to show their appreciation for this revered animal.

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