Every Garden Needs Greenmen

Your backyard can look fantastic with the right types of garden statuary and sculptures. A The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpturepagoda statue always looks nice in an Asian-themed garden as do Buddha outdoor statues.   However, no matter what your garden decorating theme is, it's always going to look better with a "greenman" or two. This doesn't refer to gnome statues or little men from Mars. Although that would provide an interesting touch to any backyard, the sculptures that work with any garden are depictions of faces that appear to come right out of the tree they are placed on.

Most show old, ancient faces nestled within gnarled branches and craggy tree trunks. They bring tree spirits and dryads to mind and indeed this is what they essentially depict. Whereas  statues of garden fairies still manage to stand out in the greenery, greenmen sculptures blend right in with the trees. Hang up one of these mystical sculptures on a shady tree trunk and it will look as if the tree has a face staring out at you and your guests. These sculptures aren't limited to trees either. Many also look striking when placed on a wall, especially when it's a garden wall covered in creeping ivy.

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