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Every item featured in this blog post is in our 70% off sale collection. 

Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab ChairDesign Toscano is famous for its sculptures for outside.  Many of these are beautiful statues and cute statues and some are very functional like our benches.  One item that is functional as well as interesting and beautiful is our Spice Island Sculptural Crab Chair.  This chair is of course the epitome of a great crab with its legs and pinchers and yet when open it is a very comfortable arm chair.  This is an exclusive and is on sale now.

Our catalog is full of adorable things for the garden like our garden statues gnomes and also many statues of children doing what they do best, A Memory Captured in Time Sculptureplaying. Part of the sale collection is an exquisite statue called A Memory Captured in Time Sculpture.  This sculpture is of a little girl done in excellent detail, jumping rope.  She is sculpted in designer resin and finished in a faux bronze patina.

We have several outdoor elephant statues doing many different things, raising their trunks, carrying royalty or just forming a line.  We only have one; however, that is also a very effective lawn sprinkler.  This is our Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden Sprinkler.  What fun it will be for the kids and adults to play around this adorable guy on a hot summer’s day.

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