Everything on Sale for Leap Year!

King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne ChairOn most years that can be divisible by four, the month of February gets an extra day. These are the Leap Years and if your birthday happens to be February 29th, you know all too well that this date doesn't show up on every calendar. However, it does make an appearance in 2012 and Design Toscano is marking this special day with a 15 hour sale!

Shop at Design Toscano this February 29th and get 25% off of everything! Buddha outdoor statues, gargoyle gifts, beautiful hand-crafted furniture, elegant replicas of classic works of art, and hundreds of unique decor will be available for 25% less than their normal prices on this elusive date. This is the perfect time to buy decor from Design Toscano for the entire year, to build an Asian-themed garden, or to find gifts for friends and family who appreciate Gothic wall art.

If you have always wanted a detailed replica of King Tut's throne or a Bigfoot statue, you might as well buy them both now and get 25% off the regular price.

With 25% off everything, the more you buy the more you save so take advantage of the Leap Year sale and save big on February 29th!

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