Fairies and Cherubs

We have several garden fairies and all of them brighten up your garden and are adorable.  Some people like to create a Victorian theme in their gardens and if that is the case then look no further than our lovely Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy Statue.  Flower fairies are a tradition in Victorian gardens and Ella is a most adorable one standing over a foot tall.  She is hand painted by the artist in the paler colors of the Victorian time and is beautiful and cute at the same time.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian-Style Garden StatueOur garden cherub statues are also adorable, but they have a slightly more spiritual bent with a touch of heaven in their creation.  The Life’s Mysteries Cherub Statue invokes the wonder of all that is in the universe and heaven to be discovered.  The cherub is sculpted crouched down to inspect an interesting snail.  His wings are well detailed and he is a questioning spiritual being.

The Design Toscano collection of religious outdoor statues is large and from many different faiths.  Some of our most reverent statues are from the Christian faith and create a sense of love and peace in your yard.  One such is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian Style Garden Statue.  This statue is replica of one from Italy done at the turn of the century and is very well known to many around the world as the definitive representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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