Fairies for Good Luck

Butterfly Fairy Garden StatueMany cultures have considered it very good luck to have fairies in your garden.  They can encourage your flowers and vegetables to grow and bring joy to all in your garden. Design Toscano has many outdoor water garden fountains and one of them is a charming fairy.  This is Peyton the Bronze Fairy Garden Statue, a beautiful girl fairy with wide wings, who carries a watering can.  She can be piped to have water pour out of her watering can which makes her a wonderful fountain.

Certainly the more fairies you have it could be assumed that your garden luck will increase.  We have almost every garden fairy statue imaginable.  One of our more unusual fairy statues is the Butterfly Fairy Garden Statue. This wonderful bronze statue is posed like a classical dancer and has the wings of a butterfly in place of the more usual fairy wings.

Pixie Meadow Fairy Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Illuminated SculptureThe best known garden statues of the past several years are the garden statues gnomes of which we have several.  We also have some not so well known statues that perhaps might be better placed within your indoor plants.  The most beautiful of these is Pixie Meadow Fairy Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Illuminated Sculpture. This gorgeous fairy can bring the luck indoors as her wings light up in Tiffany lamp style around her perfectly sculpted bronze body.

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