Fairy and Children Statues

Silk Road Asian Ox Cart Metal StatueDesign Toscano has many themes for gardens from Victorian to meditation, one of our most popular are the Asian themes such as our Japanese garden statues.  A fine example of a piece that can be placed anywhere in an Asian themed garden is the Silk Road Asian Ox Cart Metal Statue.  This is a two foot long sculpture that is a replica of the carts used to carry goods for royalty in the Tang Dynasty.

We have some wonderful garden fairy statues if you are looking for a theme of sprites and spirits in your yard.  One of artists has done a fantastic series and one of the statues is Fairies of Stratford: Blowing a Kiss Sculpture.  This beautiful statue is a foot and a half tall and is hand painted by the artist, Myers Hartley.  She is blowing a kiss to your whole garden and maybe some fairy dust too.  This is of course a Design Toscano exclusive.

Ring Around the Rosie Dancing Little Girls StatueJust like our well detailed garden statues gnomes, we have some fabulous statues of children at play and gardening and just having fun.  One of these is Ring Around the Rosie Dancing Little Girls Statue.  These well sculpted little girls are holding hands as we all remember doing in childhood and dancing “ring around the rosie”.

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