Fairy Tale Kingdom Sculptures for Outside

The imaginary realms where elves battle goblins, dragons ply the skies on massive, bat wings, and Humpty Dumpty Sculpturewizened wizards cast their spells are more important than most people realize. Fairy tales and other fantasy genre stories help people escape from the daily doldrums of working a nine to five job. They also help people reflect upon morality and positive philosophies that can be related to reality. However, perhaps most of all, they have inspired many an artist to create amazing works of art that bring both the heroes and the villains to life in the form of paintings and garden statuary.

There are dozens of objets d'art exclusive to Design Toscano that turn your backyard into a fairy tale kingdom. Two of the best are:

  • The Humpty Dumpty Sculpture: He sat on a wall and had a big fall straight into the hearts and minds of millions of people. The old English rhyme about Humpty Dumpty is unforgettable and provokes all sorts of images and allegories. Putting this classic, detailed statue on one of your garden walls never fails to bring magic right into your backyard.
  • Treebeard Ent with Mystical Orb Statue: In the classic fantasy masterpieces written by Tolkien, Treebeard was the leader of the Ents. The "tree shepherds" looked after the forests and were among the oldest and wisest of all living creatures. They kept to themselves and were slow to anger but were unstoppable when provoked into action.

Find these and other magical resin garden statues for your backyard at Design Toscano.


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