Fall is a Time for Greenmen in the Garden

Oak King Greenman Wall SculptureSummer has officially come to its end but the true colors of Autumn won't show for at least a month. Nevertheless, temperatures are going to drop bit by bit until we feel that crisp, evening air indicative of change. Those of us with gardens have already noticed that change with fewer flowers and much less bird song. Before we know it, Maples will be crowned with a brilliant array of orange, yellow, and flaming red leaves. The backyard will be carpeted with them and the grass will cease to grow. 

Those backyard changes make it one of the best times of the year for putting greenman sculptures on display. The lack of foliage draws the eye to these curious, nature-themed works of art and gives the backyard a mystical, Druid-inspired touch. The earthy tones of the Oak King Greenman Wall Sculpture will match the light brown of Autumn leaves. Like an old, mighty oak, his piercing eyes display the wisdom of ancient trees.

The  Somerset Greenwoman sculpture will keep the memory of summer alive with her ivy-green and light brown colors. Her lifelike face will fascinate visitors to the backyard well into winter.

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